Rental cars terms and conditions

Rental cars terms and conditions

 depending of the type of car


Adicional Km Important

For the bookings, each additional kilometer will be billed at 2,00€ or 3,00 € depending on the car model.
The rate for this vehicle includes 200 km/day included.

Driver minimum age

You must be at least 26 years old to rent these vehicles. If you’re under 26, an age fee will be applied. This charge is 50,00€/day + VAT; max. 500,00€ + VAT.

Credit card requirements

For this vehicle, you’re requested: 1 credit card. RENT BULL accepts VISA and MasterCard.

Information about excess

Coverage excess for damages on the vehicle 1.200,00€. Coverage excess for theft or damages on the vehicle 1.200,00€.

Payment and cancellation information

Bookings must be completed three days prior to the rental service. Cancelling with a 10-day notice, is free of charge. Cancelling with a 4-day notice will entail a 30% fee. Cancelling with a 3-day notice will entail a fee of 100% of the service. In case the customer does not show up or tries to cancel on the booking date, this will entail a fee of 100% of the service.

Prices include:

charges agreed on the rate. Full insurance with excess. Partial liability exemption on theft or damage of the vehicle, local taxes. If for any reason the customer does not pick up the car within 24 hours after the booking, and does not cancel the booking 48 hours in advance, they will be billed the total amount of the service.

Vat not included

Available Extras






  • JAGUAR MK2 1956

These prices are for services performed in Palma capital and a radius of 30km, other zones consult.
The price may vary depending on the mileage.
Overtime price: 50 euros / hours.

VIP Service:

GoPro recording in high definition of the most important moments of the nuptial journey.
Bridal Toast with 1 bottel of French Champagne or Special Cava.
Floral decoration of the vehicle (doors) with natural flowers.

PRICE: 100€

Additional services and offers.
Rent with driver 3-4 hours:

All our services include artificial floral decoration and bottle of champagne for the toast.
*For Limousine include 1 bottel of special cava.

Professional chauffeur service duly uniformed.

Includes document for service evaluation, which we thank you for completing during the same.

GoPro HD video camera installed on the outside of the vehicles to record the nuptial route to the place of the ceremony, photographic report and banquet. Available copies in USB memory (Price + 60 €).

Waiting for free -5 hours- for transfer of the bride and groom after the celebration to the hotel where they stay on their wedding night (+ 150 €).

All our cars travel in closed crane trucks that guarantee the availability to our clients in the best conditions.

All prices for this category include VAT



  • FERRARI 308 GT4

Mileage limit : 200 kilometers per day, excess mileage will be charged at 0,50 € per kilometer
Insurance : Insurance is included in the price. We cover the driver/Lessee for public and civil liabilities. Our cover is fully comprehensive, covering all damage or loss. However we do carry an excess for each vehicle which is covered by the deposit (Please see deposit section) Please contact us for further details of cover.

The deposit : A deposit is held as a “pre authorization” of a credit card or multiple cards (in case of individual credit card limit problems), this is held in case of theft or damages to the vehicle. The amount is never deducted unless there is damage, fire, theft or loss, at which point the company will notify the hirer of the costs after a repair quotation has been obtained. Once a quotation has been obtained and submitted to the hirer, a deduction according to that amount will be made from the deposit and the remainder returned to the hirer.
Deposit amounts vary depending on vehicle differ, please refer to our tariff.

The rental day: The rental day lasts 24 hours, commencement is at handover, completion is after the vehicle has been handed back and checked over.

Minimum age: 30, (We are currently working with our insurance company to drop the age limit to 25 on some vehicles)

Documentation: a valid driving license held for more than one year and a passport (originals only will be accepted)
Booking: 25 % of the rental amount is debited at the time of the booking, this deposit is none refundable. In case of a cancellation less than one week before the scheduled date of departure. The remaining 75% of the rental amount shall be paid in full seven days prior to the rental commencement.

Cancelation: 25 % for a cancellation more than one week before the scheduled departure, 100 % for a cancellation less than one week before the scheduled departure, For cancelation within seven days of the departure the customer will receive a voucher for the total amount.

Vehicle delivery: if you are unable to collect the vehicle from our location in Santa Ponsa, we would be more than happy to deliver the car to your location. Unfortunately we have to charge for this service as it involves two drivers, two cars and fuel.
Delivery within 20 km radius of Santa Ponsa 35€
Delivery outside 20 km radius of Santa Ponsa 50€
Delivery to Airport 45€

Vehicle return:
Collection within 20 km radius of Santa Ponsa 50€
Collection outside 20 km radius of Santa Ponsa 35€
Vehicle return to Airport 45€

Hours of Business: Our normal hours of business are from 9am-6pm, although arrangements can me made outside these hours with prior agreement.

Parking: free parking is available for your “daily driver” for the rental’s duration.

Authorized drivers: the lease/hirer must present a valid drivers licence and passport, Drivers must be over the age of 30.

Additional drivers can be added per car rented at a cost of €50, and is available to all persons who can present a valid driver’s license and passport, and is over the age of 30.
Additional drivers must be specified at time of rental, authorized by the same documents as referred to above.

Obligations of the lessee / driver: In a case of a accident or damage the driver is obliged – after administering any first aid – to ensure that all necessary measures to reduce damage and preserve evidence will be taken, namely –
The police will be called immediately , even without the involvement of third parties in accidents

Forward to Rent A Classic Car Mallorca SL the names and addresses of people involved in the accident, witnesses, the registration numbers of the vehicles involved are listed and sketches or photos of the accident

The lessee/driver should not admit liability to the any party or authority

Adequate safety precautions are taken for the vehicle.

Payment: can be made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard), but can also be made in cash. Crossed checks are not accepted.

Fuel: Your car will be filled with fuel upon collection, Vehicles must be returned fully fuelled. A refuelling fee of 50 EUR will be charged if the car is not returned full., or wrong fuel quality, we charge a fee of 500 Euros for draining and refilling if the vehicle is incorrectly fuelled.

Please note that we constantly monitor the quality of fuel and will also perform return tests.

All our vehicles are and have to be fuelled with Super unleaded 98

Prohibited uses: Our vehicles may not be used as follows:

  • If no valid driver’s license with appropriate class exists
  • For illegal purpose use in connection with illegal activity
  • No sub-renting of any kind
  • To tow other vehicles
  • To exceed the official speed limits
  • For racing or driving on racetracks , rally or similar no insurance coverage of any kind for such forbidden use)
  • To tutor other people to drive
  • To drive on off-road paths
  • The vehicle must only be used on public roads , off-road driving is not permitted.
  • Our vehicles can only be driven exclusively on the island of Mallorca

In case of unauthorised use, we reserve the right to terminate the contract immediately and to take the vehicle back. In this case, no refund or credit will be given for unused hours.

Tickets, fines and costs: The hirer is fully responsible. All penalties or tickets for example: parking, speeding or other as well as towing costs, or cost of official confiscation, and the like have to be paid by the tenant.

All prices for this category include VAT